Empowering women & families to lead a healthy & full lives

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About Us

We dream to Create A Bright

Bright Light Outreach, Inc. is a federally recognized tax-exempt 501(c) non-profit company.

Our mission is to guide, equip, empower and provide valuable resources needed for women and children to get off the streets. Bright Light Outreach, Inc. endeavors to allow individuals to rise with integrity and strength while finding empowerment to grow and accomplish a healthy lifestyle. Bright Light Outreach, Inc. will accomplish this by collaborating with counselors, businesses, community organizations as well as other non-profit organizations to build healthy relationships and obtain the resources needed to succeed. Our organization is committed to providing resources, knowledge, skills, and other services revolving around assisting women and children who are in need.

With your help

our Team

Our team of outstanding board members, volunteers, and staff provide strong moral uprightness which include honesty, dependability, loyalty, and great work ethics. We all have the most compassion when it comes to helping homeless women, families and our community. Our team members have over 20 years of experience organizing, fundrasing and supporting International charities.

Small Actions Lead to Big Changes

We dream to create a bright future

    Please help us brighten a person's path in our community.

    We can all work together to help women and families during their time of need.